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So, what’s the big deal about this Mindfulness stuff?
Am I doing it right?
Help! I have ‘monkey brain’ and it feels likes my mind works a 100 miles an hour! This informative 30­ minute session offers an introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. Great for the beginner or for anyone that needs a refresher. Enjoy an overview of all of the offerings and a brief taste of Mindfulness Meditation that will surely leave you wanting more.


Mindfulness and Matters signature class.
Learn and practice the meditation technique that allows you to be more present and calm during your day to day life. Enjoy the benefits of a regular Mindfulness practice including peace of mind and well-being, greater focus and creativity, and a well deserved  30 or 45 minutes of relaxation.


Leave your troubles and worries of the day at the door and go from 100 mph to 10 mph. This  wonderful guided, relaxing 30 or 45 ­minute meditation is perfect to end a busy day and begin the rest of your evening with calmness and clarity.



Learn the life changing practice of Loving­-Kindness Meditation. Step by step guide to cultivate compassion and empathy by opening your heart to the people you love, those you love ‘not so much’ and those that you have not even met. An ancient practice that truly makes you an instrument of peace. Session is 30 minutes.