A New Year...a new YOU!

I love the beginning of January. Fresh new pages of a journal and planner, tidying up from the holidays that have just passed. Hope, desire, ambition... until about mid-January.

I am one of those people who has always set lofty resolutions or goals for myself each year. This year, that is my number one goal: be realistic, yet challenge myself. In years' past, goals had to do with running, exercise, dieting. This year: acceptance, peace, personal growth top my very short list.

Having a plan to reach my goals is crucial to success. My plan includes MAKING time in my day for meditation, prayer, and reflection. On paper, it looks easy enough to do that, but our busy schedules and constant bombardment on our senses by computers, phones, etc., can easily derail the best intentions. For example, reaching for and looking at a cell phone before reaching for the curtains to pull back and greet the day that has been given to us. A simple idea, but old habits are hard to break.

I encourage you to look at your resolutions and see where you may be able to simplify, too. If you haven't yet set a goal for yourself for the year, take a few minutes and reflect on the person you would like to be at this time next year. Write yourself a note and stick it in the back of your brand new calendar to read this time next year and see how far you've come. A simple idea, maybe a new habit in the formation!